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Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Wi-Fi Smart Lock


eufy Security Wi-Fi Smart Lock, 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock, Built-in Wi-Fi Lock, Real Time Notifications, Easy Installation, Touchscreen Keypad, App Remote Control, BHMA Certified.

  • Easy Installation and setup: Easy installation, set up the Smart Lock on your door in 15 minutes with a screwdriver. eufy Wi-Fi Smart Lock has built-in Wi-Fi which can easily be set up via the eufy Security app.
  • Decide Who Has Access: Control who can use the Smart Lock from the app. You can manage, create, or delete user profiles—even for guests.
  • Stay in the Know: Receive notifications right on your phone so you know who's coming or going. Enjoy peace of mind with every door activity visible in the event history.
  • Protection That Lasts Decades: Tested by BHMA—the leading authority on hardware quality, it is expected to work after locking and unlocking 100,000 times. In theory, that means you can use the Wi-Fi Smart Lock up to 10 times a day for over 30 years.
  • Anti-Peep Passcode Protection: eufy Security prioritises the privacy and security of you and your family. The Wi-Fi Smart Lock adds additional random digits to your pin code to hide it from prying eyes.

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    Quick Intro


    How many passcodes can the Smart Lock C210 store?
    Up to 100 different passcodes.
    How long does the battery last from one charge? How to unlock Smart Lock C210 when the battery dies?
    About 4 months depending on usage (based on 10 unlocks per day). You’ll be notified if the battery is under 10%. If the battery dies, there’s a charging port on the bottom of the outside of the lock. Physical keys can be used and 5 are included.
    What temperatures can the Smart Lock C210 handle?
    The Smart Lock C210(exterior part) can handle temperatures within the range of -22℉ to 158℉ (-30℃ to 70℃). We do not recommend using the Smart Lock C210 outside of these conditions.
    Is Smart Lock C210 compatible with eufy ecosystem, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, or Matter?
    It works with eufy doorbell. However, It's not compatible with these services yet.Neither does it work with eufy HomeBase or any wifi bridge.
    Whats the requirement for installation?
    Please check the Compatibility infographic above for specific requirement. The Smart Lock C210 does not fit rounded latch hole. Please use provided eufy screws and deadbolt to install for your optimal experience.
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