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No Blind Spot
Anytime, Anywhere

eufyCam E330 (Professional)

No Blind Spot Anytime
with 24/7 Recording

No Blind Spot
Cross Camera Tracking

Automatically joins videos of the same event and person, in order, across multiple cameras. Creates a coherent event video allowing you to quickly and comprehensively understand and review detected events.

1. Capture Event Videos in Different Locations

Back Yard
Front Door
Front Yard

2. AI Video Splicing

3. What You See in the App

What Makes eufyCam E330 (Professional) Stand Out?

  • 24/7 Recording

    Continuously record without worrying about running out of batteries.

  • 4K Ultra HD

    See more details with 4K Ultra HD in amazing colour, even at night.

  • BionicMind™️

    Our AI can tell if someone is known or a stranger with 99% accuracy.

  • Enhanced

    No wires between cameras and HomeBase allows easy DIY installation.

  • Cross Camera Tracking

    Automatically joins videos of the same event and person for fast and easy reviews.

  • Expandable
    Local Storage

    Grow your storage up to 16 TB and save months of 24/7 videos.

24/7 24/7 Recording So Nothing Is Missed

It's not always possible to know when something will happen or when visitors might arrive. Not knowing what's happening at home while away or asleep can be a real source of concern.

Fortunately, eufyCam E330 (Professional) offers a reliable solution to these concerns. With 24/7 recording as well as AI assisted surveillance and accessibility from anywhere at any time, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected.

Don't miss a beat, day or night.

Stable Wired Power

Ensures continuous recording and eliminates battery anxiety. Never miss an important moment.

Enhanced Wi-Fi

Enhanced Wi-Fi reliably reaches every corner of your home (up to 5,000 ft² / 464 m²), avoiding security blind spots caused by Wi-Fi dropouts or narrow Wi-Fi coverage.

No Wires between
Camera and HomeBase 3

The extra long power cable offers 16.4 ft (5 m) of range. Wireless connectivity
works at distances up to 82 ft (25 m) between cameras and HomeBase 3.
Easy DIY installation is possible anywhere power is available.

Easy Set Up in Just 4 Steps

  • Power on Camera

    Connect the 12V 1A power adapter to the camera.

  • Power on HomeBase3

    Connect the 12V 2A power adapter to HomeBase 3.

  • Connect to the Network

    Connect your cameras, HomeBase 3, and your Wi-Fi by following the directions in our app.

  • Live View with
    the eufy App

    Enjoy peace of mind with live viewing, 24/7 recording, and instant notifications of security events, all accessible with the eufy Security app.

24/7 Smart Assistance with BionicMind™️

With advanced recognition enabled by BionicMind™, your security is elevated to the next level. Know instantly if there's a stranger at the door, or when your family arrives home safely.

Self-Learning Facial Recognition

BionicMind™ uses both your body and face to identify you, so even if your mouth is covered with a hat or scarf, you'll still be recognized. It uses self-learning algorithms after every recognition and will improve accuracy to more than 99.9% over time—no matter what you're wearing or how you approach the camera.

Reduce Unnecessary Alerts

Reduces 95% of false alarms, and automatically learns to keep reducing them.

Daily Security Reports

Analyzes unusual events, patterns, and trends. Informs users via daily security reports so risks can be assessed and averted.

× Zoom

8 × Zoom

24/7 Clarity, Day and Night

Give yourself an eagle eye for details with 4K Ultra HD capturing the smallest features on any person who walks on your property, day or night.

Colour Night Vision

With a f/1.4 large aperture lens, a high sensitivity sensor, high-powered infrared, and a 100-lumen spotlight, the camera lets in almost all available light to show you true-to-life colour anytime.

Months of 24/7 Footage Stored Locally

Another subscription fee is the last thing you need. eufy Security expandable local storage allows you to save your videos with no monthly fee.

  • Expandable
    Local Storage

  • BionicMind™

  • Centralized

Expandable Up to 16 TB

HomeBase 3 can be expanded up to 16 TB with an additional storage drive, allowing you to save months of 24/7 security footage.

Keep Privacy in Your Hands

HomeBase 3 keeps your information on your device within your home, ensuring that your privacy is protected and your data is for your eyes only.

Other Features

  • Voice Assistant Compatibility

    Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

  • Two-Way Audio

    Communicate with anyone who walks onto your property.

  • Monitor Only the Areas You Want

    Set activity zones to finetune your security for peace of mind.

  • Built Tough for Any Weather

    With IP67 weatherproof protection, eufyCam E330 (Professional) is guarded against rain, dust storms, or extreme temperatures.

  • Startle Intruders with Spotlight

    Send any trespassers running with a motion-activated spotlight that also blasts a siren.

HomeBase 3 Centralizes Your Security

Manage most eufy Security devices from one location with HomeBase 3 and watch them become empowered with BionicMind™.
eufy Security is upgrading its products to be compatible with HomeBase 3. Visit the eufy Support Center for more details.

Anytime, Anywhere App Access

When you're away from home, check in anytime with the eufy Security app for peace of mind.

Which eufyCam Fits in Your Home?

eufyCam E330 (Professional) 4-Cam Kit


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