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Sustainability at eufy

Sustainability at eufy

Save Money and the Environment


What should I expect to receive with my purchase, and in what condition?
All refurbished products will come with accessories that may not be original, but are guaranteed to be compatible and fully functional. Products will be packaged in original packaging or a brand-new cardboard box. Each product is thoroughly cleaned and inspected and has minimal to no signs of wear or visible cosmetic imperfections when held at arm’s length. Every unit comes with batteries that exceed 80% capacity, making it as good as new.
What if I’m not completely satisfied with my purchase?
We want you to be delighted with your purchase. But if you aren’t happy with what you get, you are eligible for a replacement (or a refund within 90 days with the Renewed Guarantee receipt). If something goes wrong with your refurbished product, you will enjoy the same service and support that anyone else is entitled to. Contact us at support@eufy.com
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