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New eufy Clean L35 Hybrid Series

L35 Hybrid Series

L35 Hybrid Series

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the New eufy Clean LR30 Hybrid Series
If you own a eufy product, simply upload a photo of it, and we'll give you a coupon for £100 off the new eufy Clean LR30 Hybrid robot vacuum series. Choose between LR30 Hybrid Robot Vacuum and LR30 Hybrid+ Robot Vacuum with Auto-Empty Station.
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Your code is ready, it's time to get a new RoboVac for your home. The code is valid from August 10th-24th, 2022.
This code can be used once on eufy.com.
Activity Rules
1.This event is open to residents of the UK and Germany only.
2.This event runs from August 10th-24th, 2022.
3.Receive a coupon for £100 off the eufy Clean LR30 Hybrid series when you upload a photo of your current eufy product.
4.Order confirmation screenshots and pictures of the device are also acceptable.
5.Each user can only participate one time, and only one code can be sent and used.
6.The code is valid from August 10th-24th, 2022.
7.Attempts to upload non-compliant pictures will invalidate your discount and leave you liable to pay full price.
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9.eufy Clean reserves the right of final explanation.
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25,000 Pa
Suction Power
Anti-Bacterial and
Deodorizing Dust Bag

Smart and Efficient Cleaning

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  • Multi-Floor Mapping
  • No-Go Zones