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eufy is loved by over 5 million families. With over 50,000 5-star reviews and recommendations from The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and others, eufy promises to continue providing better service for more people.

A robot vacuum like a Porsche

"It adjusts power with BoostIQ and sucks up dust and debris from carpet and hardwood floors without a problem.It's also quick and takes the most efficient routes."

Best House purchase you‘ll make!

" My RoboVac is scheduled to clean in the mornings and all of the features work really well. The mopping works really well to wipe your floors clean. So far, this is my favorite purchase of 2021."

Overall, I really like this handheld vacuum cleaner.

"I use this product to clean my sofa, table, kitchen, and even carpets. If you are looking to buy a small-sized vacuum cleaner, I definitely recommend this eufy H30!"

You will not be disappointed by this vacuum.

"I've been wanting to purchase a robotic vacuum for a while, but my wife took some convincing. After she saw a couple houses with this eufy vacuum, she could not stop raving about how good "

Great product!

"I'll recommend this to anyone. I used to vacuum twice a day and this has made my life so much easier. The suction is good and the battery lasts a long time.I'm definitely buying another one."
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RoboVac X8 comes in two variations: a regular model and a hybrid model with mopping capabilities.
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The eufy HomeVac H30 Mate is a compact handheld vacuum that's lightweight and easy to maneuver.
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Not only is the modestly priced Eufy Robovac G30 Edge robot vacuum a very good cleaner, but it's a very quiet one, too.
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The Eufy RoboVac 11S Max sees Anker attack the automated cleaning markets.
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2𝗑 2000 Pa, iPath™ Laser Navigation, AI.Map™ 2.0 Technology, 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop

Robovac X8 Hybrid
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2𝗑 2000 Pa, iPath™ Laser Navigation,
AI.Map™ 2.0 Technology

Robovac X8
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Cordless 80 AW Suction Power,
Lightweight Pet Hair Magnet

Homevac H30 Mate
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Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0,
2000 Pa,BoostIQ™ Technology

Robovac G30
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